Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Friday SXSW 3/18/2011

All week I was looking forward to Friday. It was the day I was finally going to get to see the band that I HAD to see and was most excited for… Bombay Bicycle Club. I love these guys more than anything, I had been counting down the days since I first discovered them in about November to see them this week. My day started off by going to see Los Lonely Boys at Whole Foods. I’ve never really been a fan of Los Lonely Boys and they play probably every SXSW, but I was going to meet up with my friend. We stayed there for a little bit then it was time to go see Bombay Bicycle Club! As we were driving over there something happened to my car and it just died. We were right next to a bank or something and pulled in, parked it, and asked the security guard if we could leave it there untill dark and there was less traffic and he said that was fine. Then we started walking to the Red House. On the map on my phone it didn’t seem like that far of a walk, but once we got to the highway we figured it was too far and tried to catch a cab. Do you know how hard it is to catch a cab in Austin in one of the most busiest times of year? Nearly impossible. I called my roommate and he came and picked us up, thank god! We got to Red House and there was barely anyone there, which got me even more excited! We sat down at a table inside the bar to eat and drink and I noticed that Bombay Bicycle was sitting right next to us! I was freaking out! I wanted to talk to them but was way to nervous, so I didn’t. When I was up at the bar getting a drink the lead singer, Jack Steadman, was getting a drink as well, hearing this cute little London boy say “May I have a Lonestar, please?” nearly sent me over the edge! About an hour later the boys hit the stage and had what I would say my favorite performance of SXSW 2011! Ahhh they were sooo good! They played my favorites like Evening/ Morning and Autumn and others off I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose and their first album Flaws. Every song was fabulous and sounded almost as if I were listening to their albums in my car or room! I laughed to myself a little knowing that these guys are huge in Europe, constantly selling out shows, and here I was seeing them in Austin, TX playing for about at most 40 people. Amazing. After the show ended we heading back downtown wanting to go see The Smiles but ended up going to The Phoenix instead to see Das Racist. As I’ve said before, for me its not SXSW unless I see Das Racist. The showcase they were playing at was pretty much all rap. The first person we really watched was Kelley James and what a show that was. Here was this white, Ryan Bingham looking, dude playing in the middle of a rap showcase. But little did we know that Kelley James is quite the freestyler. He started randomly free styling about a frat- looking dude in the audience, it was great and gave me a good laugh. Next up came Dev and The Cataracs. Now I’m sure everyone has heard the song G6. Well, the girl singing with the Far East Movement is Dev. She’s a pretty good white female rapper. The Cataracs are two hipster looking boys who actually wrote the song G6. They are pretty bad ass DJs and make some sick beats and of course everyone went wild when they played G6. Finally came Das Racist. I first saw these guys back in 2009 when they were just two unknown dudes who sang some song about a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Everytime I’ve seen them its been with a crowd of about 10- 20 people. Not this time, before the Wesleyan boys took the stage the crowd was chanting their name, then when they came on, most people around me were singing along to their songs. I couldn’t believe it! Just knowing about these dudes when they were not known at all to now hearing a whole crowd sing “I’m at the White Castle, I don’t see you, tiny ass hamburgers, tiny ass cheese burgers, tiny ass chicken sandwiches….” made my life. I even though I don’t know Heems, Victor Vazquez, or Ashok Kondabolu personally I feel like they are my babies and I just saw them take their first steps! Friday= The best day of SXSW 2011.

Bombay Bicycle Club!!!!


The Cataracs 

Das Racist